Thursday, August 16, 2012

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Aruba is a magic land located in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, near the coasts of South America, incredibly close to Venezuela - about 29km (18 miles) off the Paraguana Peninsula. It is 30 km (19 miles) extended and 8 km (five miles) wide, with a total region of 193 sq km (75 sq miles). The capital city of the country is Oranjestad, which is also one of the significant tourist attractions of the island.Vacations in Aruba can be described as vacations in Eden... This is because this Caribbean island has wonderful and lush landscape punctuated by desert, extended beaches covered by fine white sand and shadowed by palm trees, translucent waters and an tremendously hospitable persons. Beside all this, accommodation is good everywhere and most hotels and resorts offer you wonderful travel offers to Aruba.Travel offers are s o inexpensive in Aruba because there is a harsh competition in between hotels and resorts. When a hotel provides a new feature or a even more luxurious amenity all other individuals make the very same move to match or leading the new product or service in no time! Due to this mentality most beach resorts of Aruba have casinos, fitness centers, spas, restaurants, bars, gardens, and even more swimming pools.There is a wide range of vacation offers offered by travel agencies to Aruba. There are packages that incorporate accommodations in spending budget hotels and only the breakfast, but also all inclusive offers that incorporate luxury accommodation, all meals, unlimited cocktails and drinks of all kind, airfare and a quantity of activities such as scuba dive, surfing, fishing, and a great many other.Tourists can delight in on island Aruba turquoise waters and white sand beaches as properly as stunning landscapes and a cool holiday atmosphere. They can walk via the capital cit y, Oranjestad, to delight in the interesting Dutch architecture, taste interesting dishes in restaurants and meet the friendly locals. Also, there are a great many casinos where goddess Fortune can be invoked, although nightclubs let the active holiday makers to party up to the begin of the subsequent day, when they can admire an unbelievable wonderful sunrise over the Caribbean Sea...So no wonder that vacations in Aruba are even more and even more trendy and a great many persons are thinking to travel to this magic island...

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