Saturday, June 30, 2012

3 New Dutch International locations, The island of aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten

The Hague, The Netherlands The Kingdom of the Netherlands had quite a few overseas territories. This weekend a new arrangement was produced three new nations and three new island cities were produced by means of a constitutional reform inside the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

As from Januari 1 the nations Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten have adopted the United States Dollar as their official currency. A wide range of years the US Dollars was unofficially the currency of preferences by the neighborhood community.

Prior to 10-10-2010 The Netherlands had five overseas islands in the Caribbean recognized as the Dutch Antilles, and one overseas country, Aruba. 10-10-2010 was an beneficial day in the reorganization of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Kingdom now excists of four nations and three new island cities.

The nations inside the Kingdom of the The Netherlands:

The Netherlands 16.700.000 - capital Amsterdam

Aruba 105.000 inhabitants capital Oranjestad

Curacao 140.000 inhabitants capital Willemstad

St. Maarten 71.000 inhabitants capital Philipsburg

The new island cities are:

Bonaire 15.500 inhabitants capital Kralendijk

Sint Eustachius three.300 inhabitants capital Oranjestad

Saba 2.000 capital The Bottom

The island cities will be recognized as the BES islands. Quiet a couple of factors will adjust immediately after this move, some of the nations will get a new currency and some will adjust their old currency to the US Dollar, which is the most widespread currency among Caribbean states.

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